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cats again?

so I still magically have a UCSC email. but all we get is info that people have died. it's kinda silly.

So hey, I'm awake and it's 6:30!
I'm really trying to wake up earlier. I 've been really trying to get my room back into useable shape. I've also been trying to ride my bike to work. and I have! twice! but it sucks and it's cold.
I need to set up a nice mac mini with a little touch screen for my mom in the kitchen. and have it also have a tv tuner. maybe if a new mac mini comes out, I will give her my current one, and upgrade myself to a new one. that's not a bad idea.... but yeah, a nice touchscreen media hub kinda thing. then she just needs some network attached storage, and an apple TV to play and listen to the stuff on.
so ok, maybe when the 802.lln mini comes out... that's a plan.

so yeah, mandolin... I like it. I also like playing music with mia. I hate my apartment, and I hate comeing home, and I sometimes don't want to go to work because it's cold.

In the more immediate, I hope to get a new tv and some network attached storage. and of course, I need some social life. Emika and mike are invited to a party tomorrow.

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