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Too many stuffs

my room is slowly getting better.
I was goign to upload photosk, but i can't find my cable. which is kinda weird, because I just had it.
I just noticed a strange sliver of light in the living room. i think it's called sunlight, and it's slowly creeping along the wall on the left side of the living room (if you're on the couch.)
Speaking of the couch, I don't know how my room is going to shake out. I bought like amillion boxes, and now I have places to put shit away. I really want to get one of thoes LCD arms to mount my monitor on. and maybe put the projector in there so I can lay in bed and watch things, but it's like "is that really nessicary? nathan Bought me a spider plant, and I don't know where to put it. I'm convinced there really isn't any way a plant can live in here. it's just 100% dark most of the time, and there's too many HE lights for it to get anything from that.

Wow, it's amazing to see how many people really want the iPhone to fail. I don't know why. I guess I'm so entrenched in it i can't see what the deal is, other than kind of a teams thing where you just root for the home team and against the visitor regardless of anything.

I was thinking about politics yesterday, and it's like "Democracy" is what got bush elected. Because we let anyone vote, including the very un-informed (to put it nicely)

I hate taking a shower. Maybe because taking a shower signals the end of my morning, and I like being able to stay up and do other things.
speaking of other things, I think my awesome organic milk has gone bad. or at least, it's all curdled now. it kinda didn't taste bad, but it looked like someone had already digested it and puked it back up.

yeah, why does the sun not come into the apartment? man. It's so dirty.
I really want to have more money so I can maybe continue fixing up this place. the living room really needs more than the plastic bins.

oh, i just noticed where my cable was. murdoc from the gorillaz is holding it.

Work is going well. I think my boss still really likes me, and such. um i ran out of momentum.

well, time to go to work. i didn't take a shower. oh well...
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