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26 April 2007 @ 10:10 am
I feel awake enough to do some programming. yeah, or maybe play with my toys. that would be fun. yay i get paid tomorrow!
I think I will go to frys and return thoes headphones. I totally don't need them, and I'd rather spend $200 on a monitor LCD for my desk.

--------- THE NEXT DAY --------

Oh hello unsent LJ from yesterday.
Yes, I returned the headphones, and then wandered around Frys for an hour thinking about how much easier it would be to shoplift while they have a million inventory controll people scanning the barcodes of all the products, because all the employees are so focused on that they aren't paying attention to the customers.

wellllll yeah. I dont know. I should get excited about somehting, but then I remember that I have to sit here doing testing for another 5 hours.
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