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something meaningful, but not really, why do I put subjects?

man I forgot the spinach yesterday!!!!! shucks... good thing I have all thoes sprouts.

I am doing some really boring stuff at work.

Last night I played Mandolin, and then played banjo with mia. I'm confused because I'm sounding better on the banjo. I guess "practice" is helping. it's kinda weird to switch back and forth between them because the banjo has these huge frets, and the mando has these tiny frets.

man..... I really really need to sit down and give a good +10 to my webdesign knowledge. I think I can sorta jump over css and go straight to LAMP or ajax. or just make everything out of word press.

I think I need to make a "Blog". not this livejouranl, which is a nice personal record of my life. But like one of thoes "Blogs" you hear about in the news. you know, the kind that J.S. always talks about. (who is J.S.? think about it. he's on tv. no more hints.) hrm... 10 minutes till shower deadline. I like it wen the coffee makes me go poo, because then I get into the shower earlier. I hate showers. why are they so time consumeing?? why are they so boring? why do they make you cold and wet, and then you're like "oh well, better get going." Wow, I really don't want to go into work this week. I think becuase it's really boring tedius stuff that I can't do anything else while doing.

the final episode of home movies is nice because it kinda explains why there are no more.
Brendon's dad was a pretty boring character.

yay, Drennon's coming over tonight. haha my mom thought i had a crush on him because I was putting so much effort into "his" movie. I need to actually go to his shows and meet his cool friends. although my attempts to talk to mary were kinda awkard.
So, my desk is mostly clean, but I still have all this stuff on my desk. and my elbow hurts. hrm... RSI...
I want to make this a permanent account. wait, did they take away that option? oh looks like they did. man I missed the boat. I'll just have to commandeer Nate Haas' LJ in 30 years when he's dead and I'm not because older people die sooner.

um... soo..... yeah. hrm. something something.
I still am annoyed that I don't even have anyone my age to make small talk with at work. I'm constantly thinking "wow, fuck. this job would be great if there was someone to talk to.

wow, i just noticed my hinge is broken on my DS lite screen. wow. and I totally kept it pristine. being in the service/repair side of an industry I think about stuff like this now. like, how will they cover this? is it a widespread issue? are they publicly acknowledging it? etc...

I haven't played Civ 4 in a while. It's still fun, it's just like "I don't have time for this." I don't really understand how anyone can play so many games. oh wait I can. it's because they get to talk to people at work.
I bet I can message Sashi and he knows people who also work in apple that are closer in age. it's so weird, it's like the small 3 mintue intervals where someone talks is like the high-light of my day.

oop, now I'm in the bathroom. Haha this is just like twitter. I wish people cared about computers as much as I do. I feel like for my whole life no one has really shared my enthusiasm for anything. as a result it makes me less egar to show enthusiasm becuase people are like "that's stupid you're weird for likeing that." It's especially annoying because i spend like 70% of my time with computer related things and no one cares on the same level. except like my mom. So I end up spending a lot of my day talking to my mom on AIM.

Sometimes the hearing in my ear just turns off. it's lame. um yeah.
well, I need to at least get a paid account again. hrm... need more user picts.

I tried to show Mia Cyclopse cat new version, but i dont have it apparently.

I also want to get that NAS set up. - more computer stuff that no one cares about. I wish I could work less hours.

will I ride my bike to work? probably not. but maybe.

oh, I went and ran during my break yesterday. I am really out of shape. it was lame.
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