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Gorillaz Siblings First ROund  036

Gorillaz Siblings First ROund  036

So I finally, finally got to play with my action figures it was nice. here a few photos. I think it was productive. it was mostly looking at the lightling and things. I like these gorillaz figures, I think they are expressive, but I also don't like that they don't move, because they are kinda only expressicve in the way that they are. Like noodle is spunky, but she can't look sad or angry. and her head dosen't move.
um, I think I was going to say something more than that. oh yeah, I really like artistic nudes. I don't know if it's pervy or artistic. I think it's both. Deviant art has a bunch of them, and they are neat. I think I need to try and replicate different styles. I kinda am limited to taking a photo and then doing a sumi-e filter and then a smart or surface blur on it. it gives it a comic book/anime cartoon look by flattening out the texture and it helps get rid of all the JPG artifacts. I shot all these photos in RAW, and organized them in apereture. I really like Apereture. It is actually decently fast now. I can't wait for version 2. I really like having a huge monitor. man. like, totally. I also think I should save up for the Camera LCD arm. man, my belly hella jiggles.

So... that was nice. My new room is nice, and I kinda like not haveing a million action figures everywhere only in the sense that I actually have room to put things down. plus I really like hacing that table in my room, becasue NOw I can spread stuff out on it.
God I really love having artistically forfilling weekends. I really want to get promoted or hired full time. Money would be a nice compliment to dicking around getting to be an artist. this is basically what I wrote in my last coupld LJs.

Gorillaz Siblings First ROund  024
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