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I am 25!

Hello. how are you? Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 25.

I had a good time. for some reason i was really anxious this past week about my birthday. I guess I wanted to do something special and exciting and creative and not lame so I would have to say to myself "wow, this lame thing is representitive of my birthday and where I am after 25 years". But somehow I couldn't think of anything that met my expectations. But I ended up having a fun time anyway. I don't know. Sometimes I can't understand the weird barriers I have in my head.
Actaully, I really had fun seeing Mike's show, I think that it was really nice to see all thoes people who really genuinely seemed to apreciate me and miss me. Obviously I didn't see pat or michael, because they are assholes and go out of their way to make me feel unwelcomed and unapreciated because assertive, knowledgeale people scare the hell out of them. I still spend far too much time having imagining myself telling michael off. I only imagine it with michael because I know that it's possible to have an effect on him. Pat is just completly a lost cause and super stupid. haha. and fat. did I mention she was fat?

Nathan is getting mad at me because I am whispering to myself.

So anyways, In the morning My mom picked me up and we went to loc lomen in ben lomen. and we went and played around in the kayak (palindrome!) and we were only going to do it for an hour or two, but then all of a sudden it was 2pm and so we left. On the way there we stopped at CoffeeCat Which combines Cats and Coffee, two of my Favorite things. I think Desiel Sweeties guy would enjoy it.

um yeah. So today, Sunday I'm going to have a picnic at foothill park. We need to get up and start getting things ready, but I'm waiting for nathan to wake up. That's one of the things that annoys me about him, he is one of thoes people who wants to sleep in till 1 am every day, and I really don't like doing that. but yeah.

um so... yeah.
My sister got a a book called Pidgeons. I dont know what to expect.
Nick also gave me the "present" of 30 days notice. So anyone who is responsible and needs houseing because they're just sitting around doing nothing (patrick) should contact me. I haven't told mike yet.
ok, well, I'm losing interest typing this. I should take a shower.
see ya later!
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