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ii vibrations desu

I'm feeling good today. I stayed up till 5 watching movies at helen's house. We watched Monty pyton and Rodger Rabbit, one of my favorite movies. I thought I would be tired today, but I"m not!
I went to Tris's goodbye party. It was awsome. Anna and Lindzy and Lauren and Chris So and some asian girl who knows Anita Stryker were there. it was really nice and fun. Tris is gonna have a great time in Hawaii. it's such a nice day.
One of the best parts is that Chris So gave me a new copy of The curse of Monkey Island. I've always wanted to play that game, and now I can! I'm gonna play it a little and then go to helen's house to watch movies with her and julia.
Last note: if you make the song title scroll in the windows tray in winamp, it makes the autodetect not detect the entire song title.

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