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Security Update beta 8-3-07

SO I broke out the Powerbook to send the new rocket summer songs to my mini to put them on the ipod, but it turned into going through the backlog of facebook and myspace stuff. Gosh, my life is so hard.
I realized I should make some sort of effort to do an update. I had alot of fun looking at all the people on facebook that I havent seen in a while, and it's fun to think "hey, these people that i havent interacted with in years spent the a minimum of 2 seconds to think of me and take the effort to add me to their friends page.
This weekend I got to help with the final shooting of the tv show.

I've been going to work really late, and it is lame. I wish I could just work from home and get paid for it.

So... something.
Nathan's birthday party went really well. I was happy. also I think Burning man will be fun. I ordered a $50 Mando for burning man, and it was supposed to arrive today, but i dont know if it's even shipped or what. man.... maybe it'll just show up today. that would be nice. I got the action lowered on my nice mandolin, and it's much more playable now. I just wish I had more time to play it. I've been really busy now and my room is a fucking mess. Exciting things are coming up at apple, although I Am annoyed that I don't have an iPhone. it's hellllllllllla annoying to spend at least 3 hours a day hearing everyone talk about how great their iPhones are. Did I mention I bought 2000 dollars of apple stock when it was 143 and the next day it dropped 10 points? It's ok, I know it's going to break 200 within a year, so It's ok. I'm glad my mom bought a bunch wen it was below 100. I wish I had just put my money into apple stock in 2004 when I wanted to... grrrrr....
SO i don't know, Do i not have anything to talk about except computers? I feel like that's the case. I like to watch John and Nathan interact with people because they seem pretty good about it and i feel like I could be good at it again too. I get tired of feeling like I'm 17 still. I dont know. is it weird I interact with my mom so much? I think it's just the weird juxtaposition of what is expected of a 25 year old "adult" and what almost all the people I interact with are like. John has his masters also. Sometimes I think I should do that just to get some sort of legitimacy. I wonder if I'm doing the right thing in my life. like.... I really should be a teacher, but I don't want to be limited by not having any money. I just need to be a rich and famous web app developer. or i really need to get into the non-applecare part of apple, where the buildings smell nice and don't have 1989 earthquake damage. blah.....
so yeah, I've been bbusy, but i havent done laundry lately.
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