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man, yesterday was awful boring. I can't even stand it, I'm just wasting time both at work and with my life on days like that. I called in sick today (call = email) so I don't have to worry about it. Yesterday my project lead was like "um help me count these chips we have to sned back. and then I'm like let's mark them off every 10, and so he grabbed one spool and I grabbed another. Except my spool had already been counted and had the amount written on the outside. so I just watched him count them himself. it was one of thoes things where I wanted to be like "you should do something more useful and let me do this," but he was halfway done by that point, and would have been done by the time we switched places and I started counting again. So i was like "well... glad I could help." I hate it because I just waste my time on wikipedia. I need to get to a point where I can take the down time and practice coding and stuff, but it's one of thoes things where you can't start that after 5 hours of wasting time feeling unmotivated. All the useful things I wanted to work on.
oh man, the coffee needs to come out my butt, but butinski is in the shower!!!! bad news.

well i had more things to write about.
The BBBG clip that tim posted is really nicely edited. the sound is good also. Too bad I never learned that song so i look like I'm not mic'd properly or am just retarded. Also I am aware that I spend too much time looking down. I was like "I don't care, I'm just going to play."

yep. good job!
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