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New year!

So... TOday is offically the start date of the new job. As much as I can tell I need to be there at 8. so... I will leave in an hour.
I went back to palo alto at like 1 30 am last night to get my passport because I'm supposed to have it when i get my badge. Of course, they'll probably be like "oh why did you bring that?" and I'll be all "Yo Nigga! you said to bring this" and they'll just be like "oh, well that's just something we write in case you look like a terrorist and then we can hassel you, but we wont really ask you for it." so arrrr maytie.
I discovered the CDs i got for my mom for christmas are all really good. especially this one. It's pretty enjoyable.
ok... there is a track on it That somehow manages to combine Scottish drinking song parody with a song about the show Red Dwarf and… cats.
This guy has a band in Austin, so I think Eleanor should hire them for a private show in her apartment.

So for New Years, Nathan and I just sat at my place and played video games until 6am. I kinda wanted to stop at 5am, but we basically didn't... I hear parker started vomiting blood. That's cool.
In the evening Pat and I played music with my mom, and somehow it devolved to watching Weird Al Interviews on Youtube. The emminem one is still my favorite, although the one below is definently a contender for my new favorite. I wish i could give Al a hug for being an awesome influence my entire life.

So... In closing, this is probably one of my favorite interviews ever:
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