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Tekken 5 Dark Resurection Online

So, one of my jobs over the business trip was to learn a new character in tekken. So i picked Raven, because he has weird moves. He's pretty fun, and now I can play him decently.
I decided that as fun as it was to just stomp over everyone with Marduk repeatedly, that gets boring to play against. Since i really didn't know how to play anyother characters competently it meant if i switched characters it would be like "now, i remember he had a good combo from tekken 3..."
So I did that.
Today I decided to play some Tekken 5 online, and it was nice because people were actually online, and not super laggy.
I played one Korean guy who just used Raven, and it was kinda fun because I was really looking to get some Raven practice in. It was weird because his playing style was almost exactly the same as mine, only he was a little more together on some of the combos. But it was like playing a mirror match with myself, we totally abused the same moves and would often do exactly the same move at the same time, and use the weird pointless moves and throws about the same amount. It was good practice, and I was able to beat him a few times. I realized he was totally ignoring the punches, so when i started doing punches I could get in faster and take him out. (until he got me on the ground, and abused me.) I also switched to Steve fox and could just do really fast attacks, and he kinda didn't know what to do. I also found out that since he jumps for so many of his moves you can do the throws with marduk alot and they will airthrow him out of the move. the airthrow has really really high priority. I just need to remember to use Marduk enough still that I can still beat down with him.
So now I can used Marduk, devil Jin and Raven competently. after that is steve and paul i guess. I want to re-learn Paul i really like characters that do alot of damage. that's the thing I hate about Steve. is like, I can hit them alot, but it doesn't do any damage, and then they start blocking and I'm like "oh crap, what now?"
I tried to Learn Howarong, but i don't think he has enough variety. kinda the same thing with steve. I like playing with Jack because he does so much damage, but he's too similar to marduk in the slow, heavy hitter aspect, and I think Marduk is more fun because of the tackle, and his airthrows. plus he has really damaging combos.
anyways, that's what I think.

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