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I am at work. It's only 6:34, and after taking a nap and having some starbucks, I'm back in the focus zone. Things are going really well, I had lunch with my Boss yesterday and he told me I was doing a super good job. I was kinda surprised because I am worried that I'm not doing a good job. He wrote up a glowing report, and I had to actually ask him where my areas for improvement were. So that's nice.
I'm running queries in SAP and it sucks.
Other than that, I don't know. I think it's nice to finally have a work situation that makes no not want to kill myself. There are areas of improvment, but in general the team is really supportive. I need to go to the gym more.
um.............................. yeah I don't know. I think I am being artistic vicariously through mia and bobby right now.
My goal is still to decorate my cubicle. oh awesome, my SAP query just timed out.

oh apparently I didn't actually post this when i wrote it at 7pm last night.
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