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I Took my mom to see IRON MAN Last night and it was Super Fun!
It makes me want to Watch all the marvel superhero movies that I missed. like, I haven't actually seen daredevil or Hulk (although I'm told that's a good thing.) I did see both Fantastic Four movies in the theatres however.
Yeah, anyways it was alot of fun. Good effects, and I liked the actors. I love how they made up alot of their dialog. I think it really kinda makes it seem more realistic, and also explains the awkard pauses where both characters are not saying anything. but yeah.
So there's an AVENGERS movie scheduled for 2011, and that should be rad. They want it to be played by all the original actors. so RDJ and Edward Norton are being asked to play their characters in the movie. I think that has the pontential to be pretty epic!
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