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it's a nice Summer morning!
I am working with the Google Charts API and it's super Rad. It's funny, because creating charts seems so mathematical trivial, but then to not have to code it up ones' self is a nice relief. to just be able to put some numbers into a URL and you're golden is nice.
I should start reading the forums. I should also start pinging the FileMaker mailing list with some questions to see if they will put some chart functionality into their next version. they already have a bunch of google maps and google whatever as presets in the webviewer, it would be a logical extension for them to add a tab that says " google charts" and then basically have the microsoft excel interface window for adding data to a chart.
So I came home last night and crashed. I took a 6 hour nap basically I hate when that happens, but I have been staying up pretty late the whole week.

I realized I have a really bad daily routine... like, I stay up too late, and then I'm too tired to do anything in the morning, and even moreso, in the morning I just sit and read comptuer stuff on the internet. 3 months ago, i would be working, but now I'm like "oh I need my me time" but that's not true it's like "oh I am procrastinating." If I was actually practicing the piano or drawing or something then that would be at least justifyable... but it's just like "let me slowly drink coffee and read comment strings on the mac os x livejournal community. it's slowly becoming more and more boring to me, and I hate that I mess around for 2 hours in the morning, but then hear myself say I don't have time to go to the gym in the morning. or course, now my knee is messed up, and I still haven't gotten a really clean answer about what I can and can't do at the gym. The Physical therapy person has me go on a stationanary bike, so I guess I should be able to do that... and she says I can do upper body lifting... but of course I'm still too lazy and procrastinaty to even do the like 5-10 minutes of physical therapy exercises I am suppose to do twice a day. I need to set it in my calendar to do them at like 7am and 7pm.

So I am also slowly formulating a plan to do projects with Bobby. but I haven't even put together a list of what we can do... I think I would like to get some guitar lessons, as I think that would be alot more strategic than me just pooping around on the G and D strings. The 4 low strings on a guitar (or bass guitar) are the only ones I can remember because they are the same strings as the mandolin, another insturment I have not been really putting enough time into.
The other project I am working on is "project Sagat" Mainly with Ravi. For the first part he has been doing the majority of the work, since my Objective C experience is basically... I know java syntax and I own a cocoa programming book. But we're getting past the programming part, and Starting to really need more graphics. I am basically extending an offer to all commers to make tank/mech sprites for the game. Alex discovered Google Sketchup, which I think might be a really easy way to start, since robots are easy to do with boxes and lines. I tried it, and got kinda hung up on the interface, although I could see how if I learned it, It might be good. We can take the Sketchup drawings and depending on the ultimate Art style, draw over them in photoshop and convert them to look like sprites. but it's easy to manipulate them for each frame of animation that way.
of course..... the big issue is that sketchup is not made for animation, and can't export 3d models unless you buy the $500 version... So maybe we should look at using blender or something that won't get us trapped.

that's it for now.
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