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Choji Moji Update

Hello How are you doing?
Bobby and I have been spending the last 3 days basically, getting the existing choji moji recordings together and ready to submit to iTunes via CDbaby. We are excited, because... well, wouldn't you be excited? we have about 5 hours of content split across 5 CDs.
It's kinda weird, since we're taking everything that could be considered a cover song, and anything that bobby does with the nocturnals, plus we are adding in content that never went on CDs before, so it's basically completely changing the entire track listing of all the cds. Like... Bring Back Burton [Digital Edition] has none of the original songs, it's mostly some random stuff that we put together with ben. and we put all the Choji Moji stuff that happened with any production values on the Pro Stupid [100% Digital Remastered] cd, so it now covers everything from 2003 to 2007...
Why don't we just make some new CDs? because I like the existing album art and album names, and the goal of this is to just put the stuff out there.
The important part to remember is that no one ever knew what was on the original cds, and no one is going to care. but anyways, look for choji moji on iTunes and other digital distribution sites in the next 6 to 8 months.
and then buy it!!!!!!!!

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