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Helen's last day

Today is Helen's last day. Tomorrow morning she leaves for that big fishbowl in the sky. actaully she leaves for Boston for two weeks with her family. then she goes to NYU for that college deal. but, she's been Chilling with me for most of the day. we're having fun. I missed the last wingspread BBQ to hang with her. I don't think she wold have had a fun time, so I didn't make her go with me. Plus I was really tired. but now it's all good. well, We're gonna watch a movie, and get her an IM and Livejournal account. it'll be smashing!
She played Monkey Island III and LeisureSuit Larry 7 two very funny games. See ya later.
P.S. I don't know who Travis is. I thought it was Travis Hunt, but maybe it's not...

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