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strange things

ok, so my mom bought a ps2 and ssx. now all she and my sister have been doing is playing ssx! it's crazy, but awesome, because now she wants to buy me all these games. It's kinda like when we bought mario kart, and she had played it more in the first week than I had. but it's cool...

normal conversation:
MousepusherX (7:52:46 PM): well...
MousepusherX (7:52:52 PM): i'm going to go play ssx
MousepusherX (7:52:58 PM): it'm kinda hooked on it
MousepusherX (7:53:01 PM): but i'm reallly bad
MousepusherX (7:53:05 PM): i don't have your skills
MousepusherX (7:53:12 PM): nor brittany's
MousepusherX (7:56:59 PM): but midtown doesn't have them
MousepusherX (7:57:09 PM): and I'm sure dynasty will be out tomorrow
ZeroBatsu (7:57:16 PM): yeah it does
MousepusherX (7:57:16 PM): and Best video has NO video games at all now
ZeroBatsu (7:57:22 PM): midtown has them
MousepusherX (7:57:24 PM): ok?
MousepusherX (7:57:36 PM): we'll see waht we can find
ZeroBatsu (7:57:38 PM): midtown has a bunch of ps2 games
ZeroBatsu (7:57:40 PM): ok
ZeroBatsu (7:57:43 PM): sounds like a plan
MousepusherX (7:57:45 PM): ok
MousepusherX (7:57:51 PM): have to go play games now.

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