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so one of my aciton items for this month was to cancel my personal health insuarance because I don't need it now that I have a job.
Well, apparently they canceled it for me, because even though I have automatic payment directly from my credit card, they decided that I hadn't payed for 2 months. Did they call me? no. Did they do anything? not apparently.
well, that's not true, they canceled my account.
so I get to call during normal business hours and see if I can get them to take the payment for the 2 months, but still keep my account closed.god fuck the insuarance companies.
I just assumed I couldn't find it on my credit card statement because they kept changing their names.

also on the list is getting fucking fuitadnet to renew my domain. fuck that shady ass company! they have 5 names, and the names on the statments are different than any of the names they use when they answer the phone.
yeah, fuck them good.
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