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MOrning update

I was relived to discover this morning that MS office 2008 is 666MB.

So.... We got the Master of our new CD back, and this time the guy didn't have the "Sound like Crap" switch on.
God this japanese keyboard is annoying to use. What a worthless thing for me to have.
anyways, we now have the final cd, except some of the tracks start with a quarter of a second of sound from the end of the previous track. like "-ap…music" it's very dumb. and so we need to go and fix it. Of course, now that we have the cd, we need to have the rest of the jewel case and cd art prepared. I guess our goal is to have it done this weekend.
I also think we might try selling some cheap USB drives with crap on them at the hot topic show.

um blarg. u am tired again.
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