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Happy birthday

So it's the 23rd and that means it. Is my birthday. I got tomorrow off, and so I stayed up late and watched the blu Ray versik. Of advent children. It was wonderful... It was like watching a diferent movie, the 30 minutes of additionL footage was sprinkled throughout the whole film so it wasn't line they just un-cut N existig scene, but each scene had an few extra lines or a few more punches. They did. Good job of giving the other characters more screen time, and explIned the gap between the game Nd the movie. Plus the Finland battle was re coreographed, and the added dust and blood to the fights.
I mean, I remember watching it the first time thinking, this is good, but it'll really be good on blu Ray! And it was Nd I am now even more happy with it.
So anyways, cloud beat sepiroth right At midnight, and I Am 27. What does rha mean? How am I older? I am pretty hard on myself most of the time, but I need to be proud of my Accomplishments. And keep trying. Things are slowly improving. Good night.

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