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no one writes in Livejournal anymore. I am really bored with how boring my life has become. I worked until 8pm and then came home and despite desperately wanting to do something, I just layed in bed and slept until like 11:45. then I got up and watched a rerun of american dad. I hate my apartment and my room. This is not a constructive journal entry. I wish I could write all the whineing I have in my head, but I can't help but look at this and be disgusted. My chair at work is painful to sit it, and so I have not been very productive.
my office is so… so incredibly boring that it is making me lose my mind. I think that's really a problem with all offices. I think I just want some magical zany energy to happen. or… like… I dont know.
Maybe the real problem is that I eat terribly and don't exercise. Also I have no structure to my time so I just let work bleed all over and don't take lunch breaks. Also, I'm kinda dejected from the house thing not working out. I don't know. I just don't know how to make any new friends and clearly that's something that no one else is interested in fixing for me… which I guess makes sense, why should anyone care, right?
and All I can think about is how I'm wasting my life and my time writing lame posts like this, and I get stuck because I dont know what to do next.
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