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Man. The Tommy Movie is on. It's really neat. That was such an awesome play. THey just had the sally Simpson part. That was really fun. I wish Olivia would talk to me. it makes me sad that she dosent, and I'll probably not get to talk to her again.
but I have better stuff to occupy my time with now. That dosent make me like tommy any less. I"m putting hella VHS stuff on computer. like, the Two choji moji stuff. I have the Dancity dance emo remix thing (my core final) and I"m editing the Ketchup thing. tell me if you ant them. soon I will upload them somewhere, and you can dowload them anytime. also, uh... yeah... forgot. TOmmoy fun want to see thow ehole movie.

oh yeah! if anyone has a copy of the Tape of the chior concert, with the zelda thing, tell me. I want to borrow it, and then I can put it on the computer! hahahah! yesu!

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