MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

Lilly Allen punched me in the butt!

Hello it's time for livejiutnal whilst I soak my piercings. Yep, they are new! I went down cross the birder with Ashley, who is this hot broad I picked up at a show. Yes, she's a girl. I did check, thanks for asking in a sarcastic, incredulous manner! AnywAys she got piercings also, AND THEN NICK DULIN SHOWED UP! it was weird.weird like an autoclave. I think I even have a photo...... Oh I do!!!!

Wow, take that quinnnnnnnnnn?!?

So yeah, that's fun.
I am still tying to buy a house. I just.... Really can't get my hopes up.
I'm sure thees sown other interesting things going on.... I don't inwk, my knee hurts and I think I have some teriible joint problem. It's probably bad. I hope I don't end up in a rascL! Um yeah.
Bleep bloopers magoop!

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