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Hatt babay

All your base are belong to hatt baby!

IgnacioPride (12:58:37 PM): waht is this thing?!
ZeroBatsu (12:58:42 PM): it's funny
ZeroBatsu (12:58:45 PM): you should watch it
IgnacioPride (12:59:06 PM): ok

Venus In Velvet (12:59:10 PM): what is that?
ZeroBatsu (12:59:16 PM): it's funny
ZeroBatsu (12:59:28 PM): it will make you happy

N o A i R 4 (12:59:18 PM): omg
ZeroBatsu (12:59:20 PM): make you happy
N o A i R 4 (12:59:20 PM): wtf is this?
ZeroBatsu (12:59:22 PM): hahah

Venus In Velvet (1:01:16 PM): i got bored
ZeroBatsu (1:01:19 PM): aww
ZeroBatsu (1:01:24 PM): but the hatt and the singign

N o A i R 4 (1:01:45 PM): ugh
N o A i R 4 (1:01:47 PM): had to stop it
N o A i R 4 (1:01:49 PM): ahh!!
ZeroBatsu (1:01:52 PM): too much excitment

IgnacioPride (1:09:28 PM): uh... yeah... that was strange.
ZeroBatsu (1:09:37 PM): but it made you happy?
ZeroBatsu (1:09:40 PM): it made me happy
IgnacioPride (1:09:51 PM): thats crazy stuff!

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