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IgnacioPride (11:18:53 PM): 砺inna kinky roligt� = 努in kinky fun�? not sure
塗atten ar din� = 鍍he hat is yours�
電en hatten lever so roligt� = 鍍his hat has so much fun�
電et tycker vi blir bogigt� = 努e think this (or that) is gay�
電et har ar forjavligt� = 鍍his is messed up�
電et alltid var roligt� = 鍍his is always fun�
田ool kille med laske I hand� = 田ool guy with a soda in hand�
ZeroBatsu (11:18:54 PM): ject
ZeroBatsu (11:19:21 PM): wow!
IgnacioPride (11:19:28 PM): 屠a, det tycker vi nanting sot� = 土eah, we want something sweet�
砺alte hatten I Berts cola-au-auit� (I think that痴 what it said) = 鍍hrow the hat in Berts cola�?
杜en sen visste nog du, hatt baby� = 澱ut you knew that baby�
斗ana LP:n 塗atten ar din� = 澱orrow the record 典he hat is yours�
ZeroBatsu (11:19:33 PM): what languege is it?
IgnacioPride (11:19:58 PM): 杜an kan kla sej ut ock klamna I TV� = 土ou can dress yourself up and be in TV� or maybe it痴 田limb over the TV�
杜an kan knarka och hamna I TV� = 土ou can get high and end up in the TV�
塗atten ar visst det din
殿lla vet varfor och allt blir perfekt� = 兎veryone knows why and everything will be perfect�

uh... sweedish i think.. lemme check real quick
IgnacioPride (11:20:16 PM): 斗imma skinkbit, cooligt� = errr, maybe 菟iece of ham, cool�
塗atten lever so roligt� = 鍍his hat has so much fun�
砺i har det forjavligt� = 努e have it so good� or maybe 努e have it so messed up� >>

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